EFR presents dark tonality & rhythm driven synth textures with an industrial edge. The influence of horror cinema is evident with discrete references audible to the right ears. A dedicated hardware acolyte who thrives on combining the character of different electronic instruments to construct emotive sonic experiences shrouded with a sinister outlook. 

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Sonic transgressions from along The Shaded Path. Inge K, Chra & cjmann join EFR to present a remix EP derived from his full length release. Each artist offers varied explorations of the original material using their signature sound.

Searing harmonic drones… yes

Intrusive frequencies… yes

Unsettling atmospherics… yes

music to charm, soothe & comfort…

highly unlikely...

4 track remix EP available now...

EFR returns to haunt your soundfield with a new release featuring remixes from enigmatic Irish producer LAIR & his own re-imagining of Fear Of Shadows from Monrovani's 2018 debut outing for EK4T3 CollectiveThe Shaded Path unites 2 original EP concepts, weaving together threads of dark mythology, gothic atmospherics & electronic percussion.

Original EP titles, Guile & ForfeitFading Light & Shadows are also available to download separately.  

ASM-DL002 artwork & product link

Download & limited edition gatefold CD featuring 2 EPs with exclusive tracks now available from Bandcamp.

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EFR's Debut release travels to realms of shadowy sonority meshing together eerie synth harmonies & granular textures with sparse bursts of orchestral percussion to create a soundscape of malevolent ambiguity.