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VCA Session 01: Cognizant Revisitations
Mixed & edited by Xurba
VCA Limited 0 Detail
Xurba takes the honours for a lateral excursion into beat driven textures from electronic allies far & wide. In his own words...
This mix of high quality netlabel music is designed to invoke euphoric feelings, memories of half-remembered dreams and the optimistic kind of imagination that we had as children. To return to the past where beauty is discovered slowly, and there is still time to daydream

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Entry Barrier (Axiomatic Semantics) | Phortran
Wrap Your Arms Around Me | Automate
View From A Hill (Tangrams & Techniques) | Motionfield
Super Stereo
A Day Without The Sunset (Describe Your Nature E.P) | Alkor
Moso | Mrs. Jynx
Mrs. Jynx
Tier & Tie (Ruxpin Rmx) (Contractions E.P) | FusedMarc
Nano Moon Coral (Sleep-Wake) | Melissa Welch
Paroxetine (A Random Collection Of Consonants) | Vim!
Cold Steel Out (The Rhythm Method) | Brother Thadeus
Korimba (Plokcity E.P) | Berestez
Interpol extended intro | Datassette
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