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VCA Session 03: Woozyphonics
Mixed & edited by Xurba
VCA Limited 3 Detail
Back in the 1980s, when MP3 was a term for a small collective of English politicians, we used to listen to our music on vinyl discs with a central locating hole in the middle. Sometimes these holes were slightly off-centre, and this caused the pitch of the music to fluctuate slowly, simulating a doppler effect. These defective discs became very popular in certain musical circles, and were affectionately called 'woozyphons'. This mix is dedicated to the slightly off-centred and idiosyncratic music of our current demoscene artists.

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Cyclotourisme Inverse | Galerie Stratique
[Adieu IDM (outtakes d'Horizzzons) #04]
More of You | Polar Sky
[One On Twoism Volume 1 #16]
Soo Line | Boreal Network
[The View From Harney Peak #04]
Hello I'm From Canada | Cignol
[aer002 v/a - soundtrack for your wedding #08]
From All Things Depending | Mark.Nine
[From All Things Depending (Single) #01]
Partly Cloudy (Dub Forecast Mmx) | Milieu
[Partly Cloudy [EP] CD1 #07]
Dictaphone's Lament | Tycho
[Sunrise Projector #02]
Spinning In The Field | Frequent C
[Broken Sun EP #06]
Twotwentyfour | Renu
[Hello How are You #4/6]
Red Dawn | Orange Crush
[Strange Seasons #01]
Jesus, You know | The Dandelion Council
[The Mysteries of Bioluminescence]
*All tracks listed are the property of the respective owners as indicated & are protected under UK copyright law & creative commons license.

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