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VCA Session 05: Chiptune
Mixed & edited by Xurba
VCA Session 5 Detail
Blips, bleeps and wholesome 8 bit goodness for the entire family to enjoy. A binary meal that tastes better with every byte!

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This mix is free to download for personal use.
To obtain full production & purchase information for individual tracks (personal or commercial use) please contact Adaptive Sonic directly.
Fash Part One | Datassette
Maintenance Werk II
Relic Of Degrasse | Tangible
First Failure | C Drive
Blasts From The Past
Invisible Choirboy | Eight Frozen Modules
Random Activities And Broken Sunsets
Ricky Babes On The Town | Vim!
Random Collection Of Consonants
Bump Set Spike | Hectopascal
Pixies And Pixels
Acid Rock | Cornbeast
Level Up
Chip 2 bit | Trash 80
Hexagons | Datassette
Maintenance werk II
Unlock | Distruc
Junctions EP
Social Silence | Trash 80
Finale (Hero Theme) | Datassette
Appeasing Mark | Potential Difference
Delete | Claro Intelecto
Last Computer Game Ninja | Hectopascal
Pixies And Pixels
Monster (Liquid Stranger remix) | Dorothy's Magic Bag
What's Inside The Magic Bag?
Kojack (Gumshoe Edit) | Tangible
Dreamlands | Dorothy's Magic Bag
What's Inside The Magic Bag?
Gameover vibez | Potential Difference
1984 | Coax
Blackened EP
Gangleopods | Datassette
Maths Leak | Datassette
Mind Game | Alexey V
Outlands (part 2) | Keith Le Blanc
*All tracks listed are the property of the respective owners as indicated & are protected under UK copyright law & creative commons license.

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